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To Own a Catterpliea!  (ラン、キャタピラー、走れ!行くと彼女のスカイラーを入手!!)
Image General
Season: Marbles!: The Beginning
Episode №: #06
Aired: JapanFlag.svg TBA 2012
830px-UnitedStatesFlag.svg TBA 2012
Opening Theme: The Great Escape
Char. of the Day:
Characters and Other Information
Main: Skyler, Emily, Max and Jaun

Creatures: Catterpliea
Major event(s): Skyler, Emily and Max meet Jaun.
Marbles!: The Beginning

To Own a Catterpilea (Jap: ラン、キャタピラー、走れ!行くと彼女のスカイラーを入手!!Run, Caterpillar, Run! Go and Get Her Schuyler!) is the fourth episode of the Marbles! webseries coming to Fiction-press.


English: TBA

Japanese: TBA