Type of Animal: Munchkin
Found Location: Dr. Kreencho Labatory
Date Found: 1197 B.C.
First Manga Appearance: None
First Fanfiction Appearance: TBA
First Anime Appearance: TBA
Species: Cat
Signature Attack: Sharp Klaw
Element: Light
Twin Battle Signature Attack: Sunlight
Triplet Battle Signature Attack: Clearless Whiskers
Quadruplet Battle Signature Attack: Sonza Claw
Height: TBA
Length: TBA
TCG: Marbles TCG - Perkins The Hevness of Light
Weakness: Fire

Perperillin is a creature from the Marbles! franchise.


PerkinsPerpoundPerperillin Muchion MerpoundPescratch

Evolves ToEdit

Muchion when 410 days old.