Type of Animal: Munchkin
Found Location: Children of The Corn Field
Date Found: 1134 B.C
First Manga Appearance: None
First Fanfiction Appearance: It's About To Begin
First Anime Appearance: New Beginnings - Part I
Species: Cat
Signature Attack: Shine Claw
Element: Light
Twin Battle Signature Attack: Double Shredder
Triplet Battle Signature Attack: Double Shredder
Quadruplet Battle Signature Attack: Sonza Claw
Height: TBA
Length: TBA
TCG: Marbles TCG - Perkins The Hevness of Light
Weakness: Fire

Perkins is a creature from the Marbles! franchise.


PerkinsPerpoundPerperillin Muchion MerpoundPescratch

Evolves ToEdit

Perpound when 45 days old.


Attack Day Element Attack Name
When born Light Sunbeam
When born Dark Double Shredder
When born Leaf Punce
4 days old Light Shine Claw
10 days old Light Sunshine Tail
25 days old Light Sonza Claw
33 days old Dark Shodow Purr
45 days old Light Shine Whiskers

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