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New Beginnings  (サムシングニューのスタート!)
Image General
Season: Marbles!: The Beginning
Episode №: #01
Aired: JapanFlag.svg TBA 2012
830px-UnitedStatesFlag.svg TBA 2012
Opening Theme: The Great Escape
Char. of the Day:
Characters and Other Information
Main: Skyler
Recurring: Brandi, Blake, Professor Josh, Professor Neil, Professor Mandy and Nurse Jen
Creatures: Skyler's Perkins and Brandi's Mole
Major event(s): None
Marbles!: The Beginning

New Beginnings (Jap: サムシングニューのスタート! Start of Something New! The Start of Something New!) is the first and second episode of the Marbles! webseries coming to Fiction-press.


English: Skyler is done with University and is ready to start to travel through the united states of America. An old friend of his challenges him to a battle, Mole's dig attack is very strong.

Japanese: スカイラーは、大学で行われ、アメリカの米国を通過するために開始する準備ができています。彼の挑戦彼の戦いへの古くからの友人は、モグラのDIGの攻撃が非常に強いです。

Japanese Translate: Schuyler is done at the University, and is ready to begin to transit the U.S. of America. Old friend of his challenge to fight him is very strong attack of DIG mole.