This page contains the in the Marbles! franchies.

Name Element Type Based On Number
Perkins Light Cat Munchkin XVXY001
Perpound Light Cat Munchkin XVXY002
Perperillin Light Cat Munchkin XVXY003
Muchion Light Cat Munchkin XVXY004
Merpund Light/Supernatrual Cat Munchkin XVXY005
Pescratch Light/Supernatural Cat Munchkin XVXY006
Red Robin Air/Flame Bird Red Capped Robin XVXY007
Jay Air/Aqua Bird Blue Jay XVXY008
AJ Air/Aqua Bird Blue Jay XVXY009
Thunderbird Air/Lightning Bird Sulphur Creasted Cockatoo XVXY010
Electricbird Air/Lightning Bird Sulphur Creasted Cockatoo XVXY011
Rod Air/Lightning Bird Sulphur Creasted Cockatoo XVXY012
Volt Air/Lightning Bird Sulphur Creasted Cockatoo XVXY014
Mega Air/Lightning Bird Sulphur Creasted Cockatoo XVXY015
Eleabird Air/Lightning Bird Sulphur Creasted Cockatoo XVXY016
Wormy Earth Bug Worm XVXY017
Lice Earth Bug Louse XVXY018
KuCrab Aqua Crab Johngarthia XVXY019
KontoCrab Aqua Crab Discoplax XVXY020
Crabion Aqua Crab Gecarcinidae XVXY021
KuCrab Aqua Crab Epigrapsus XVXY022
KuCrab Aqua Crab Gecarcinus XVXY023
Rover Light/Flame Dog Golden Retriever XVXY024
Golden Light/Flame Dog Golden Retriever XVXY025
Chickenhawk Air/Leaf/Flame/Aqua Hawk Sharp-shinned Hawk
Red tailed Hawk
Cooper's Hawk
Maggot Light/Dark Worm Maggot XVXY027
Fly Light/Dark/Air Fly Housefly XVXY028
Blowfly Light/Dark/Air Fly Calliphoride XVXY029
CheeseFly Light/Dark/Air Fly Cheese Fly XVXY030
Blackwidow Dark Spider Latrodectus XVXY031
Catterpila Leaf Caterpillar Monarch Caterpillar XVXY032
Instaar Leaf Instar Monarch Instar XVXY033
Coon Leaf Cacoon Monarch Cacoon XVXY034
Monarch Leaf/'Air/Flame Butterfly Monarch XVXY035
Owl Air Owl Long-eared Owl XVXY036
Peippy Aqua Penguin King Penguin XVXY037
Kippy Aqua Penguin King Penguin XVXY038
Eppy Aqua Penguin Emperor Penguin XVXY039
Merri Light/Leaf/Flame Meerkat Meetkat XVXY040
Flaredog Dark/Flame Dog American Bulldog XVXY041
Blazedog Dark/Flame Dog American Bulldog XVXY042
Pitflar Dark/Flame Dog American Bulldog XVXY043
Heatdog Dark/Flame Dog American Bulldog XVXY044
Overheat Dark/Flame Dog American Bulldog XVXY045
FlameheatDog Dark/Flame Dog American Bulldog XVXY046
Furrant Supernatural Ferret Ferret XVXY047
Opussum Supernatural Opossum Opossum or Opossum XVXY048
TBA Leaf/Fire Roach American cockroachk XVXY049
Hawkins Air Hawk Northern Goshawk XVXY050
TBA Leaf/Fire Roach American cockroach XVXY051
Buffson Earth American Bison XVXY052
Amerison Earth American Bison XVXY053
Mirrorhawk Air 'Northern Goshawk' XVXY054
Kangson Earth American Bison XVXY055

Unrevealed CreaturesEdit

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