Kyle Hotono is a chrarcther for the upcoming Marbles! wecomic. and fanction. He is Lisa Kebbo's 14 year old boyfriend who is sexsist.


He tries to catch Creatures who aren't femine and aren't girly, all animals he catch are boys and all the collars he obtain are blue insted of the usal pink coallars.

Name Debut
Flaredog One Sexist is Enough
Goatdion One Sexist is Enough

Unknown Edit

Name Debut
Horse TBA
Lizard TBA
Betawolf TBA
Tigru TBA


Name Debut
Bie The First Date: Part I



Kyle starts a relasthionship with Lisa Keebo in the chapter, "One Sexist is Enough" where he seems to be a push aggresive jock who graduated from "Legion University" one of the five Creature Universty's in Treenio Town a year ago