Season One: 2012-2013Edit

Episode Number Episode Airdate
1 "New Beginnings: Part I" Janurary 14, 2012
2 "New Beginnings: Part II" Janurary 14, 2012
3 "Crushed Catch of The Day" Janurary 21 2012
4 "Double Battle vs. Porpie and Peippy!" Janurary 21 2012

Marbles! The MoviesEdit

Episode Number Episode Airdate
1A "Marbles: The Movie - Past" 2012
1B "Marbles: The Movie - Present" 2012
1C "Marbles: The Movie - Future" 2012
1D "Marbles: The Movie - Time" 2012
1E "Marbles: The Movie - Space" 2012
1F "Marbles: The Movie - Together - Friends Forever" 2012

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