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Double Battle vs. Porpie and Peippy!  (ダブルバトル対PorpieとPeippy!)
Image General
Season: Marbles!: The Beginning
Episode №: #03
Aired: JapanFlag.svg TBA 2012
830px-UnitedStatesFlag.svg TBA 2012
Opening Theme: The Great Escape
Char. of the Day:
Characters and Other Information
Main: Skyler, Emily and Max

Creatures: Max's Thunderbird
Major event(s): None
Marbles!: The Beginning

Crushed Catch of The Day! (Jap: 'デイの粉砕キャッチ! Catch of the Day Grinding! Catch of the Day Grinding!) is the third episode of the Marbles! webseries coming to Fiction-press.


English: On there way to Ocean City to compete in the first Battle Cup Tournament, Skyler runs into a Thunderbird who is weaken and on the ground.

Japanese: 最初の戦いのカップのトーナメントに出場するためにオーシャンシティは、スカイラーは弱体化して地面にされているサンダーバードに動作します。

Japanese Translate: Ocean City Cup tournament to compete in the first fight, Thunderbird works Schuyler is weakened to the ground.